5 Amazing Places to View the Northern Lights

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If you have been planning a bucket list trip to see the Northern Lights, we came up with a dope list of the hottest spots for prime views of the Aurora Borealis. We were lucky enough to see the really active Northern Lights in winter of 2018 while flying over Greenland and a faint view in our current hometown Vancouver, British Columbia but we still hope to visit one of the places we have on our top 5 list.

photo by @amyjacqjohnson

5. Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks is the ideal location to see the Northern lights. It sits within the Auroral Oval, a region that provides the best view of the Northern Lights. Moose Walk Cabin provides affordable accommodations for night-time sky watching. During the day, the cabin you can take a four-wheel or snowmobile out for a ride on their trails.

photo by @tessavirtue17

4. Yellowknife, NWT

We gotta give a shout out to Canada! Yellowknife is one of the best places to view the Aurora Borealis. The region has long and clear winter nights from November to April, which is prime time to view the Northern Lights. The town of Yellowknife has several lighthouses around the city which alerts tourists and inhabitants, when there is an active aurora in the sky.

photo by @bittenlitenbom

3. Svalbard, Norway

How cute is this town? Svalbard has several clear nights which means there is a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights in the city. Polar nights run from November to February and there is absolutely no daylight. Yaaaas! Here’s a fun fact for y’all: Svalbard is the only place on earth where the Northern Lights are visible in the daytime. 

photo by @skiswithlions

2. Seltjarnarnes, Iceland

Seltjarnarnes is a popular spot for viewing the Aurora Borealis. The region is surrounded by the sea so there is hardly any light pollution when the Aurora Borealis is active. The Northern lights are usually visible from mid-August to mid-April when the conditions are ideal; when the sky is clear, the wind is calm, and the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius. Brrr!

photo by @teppohaapoja

1. Lapland, Finland

The Northern Lapland is considered the prime viewing location to see the Northern Lights, since they are visible for about two hundred nights a year! If you are looking for a tour company to book with, check out Aurora Service Tours Company in Finland. According to Trip Advisor its a top pick for accommodation out of 165 companies all over the globe! Combined with the bright and dark skies that last between September and March, Lapland is the best place to view the Northern Lights.  By the way, we are NOT sponsored by any of the accommodations we listed.    

Hope you enjoyed our recommendations and if you have been to any of the places listed. Please share all the tea with us! Don’t forget to tag us on your instagram post by using the hashtag #weareglobetrekkers. Until next time happy trekking! – Ty & Shay

2 Replies to “5 Amazing Places to View the Northern Lights”

  1. Hi guys!

    When researching the best places to see the Northern Lights, Alberta, Canada was listed. There is even a Northern Lights Festival every October for about 7-9 days. Would you consider this location as good as the others to view the Northern Lights?

    1. You are right! Calgary is another good place to see the Northern Lights. The best places within Calgary to see the Northern lights with little light pollution are Wood Buffalo and Jasper National Parks. Here is more info from Travel Alberta’s website: https://www.travelalberta.com/ca/things-to-do/nature-wildlife/northern-lights-dark-skies/?ds_rl=1261547&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkv3SvvON6AIVcxh9Ch3r7Ad6EAAYASAAEgK9w_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Thanks for checking out our blog!

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