About Us

Meet Ty & Shay

Ty is the male half of this couple and Shay is the lady of the dynamic duo. We enjoy creating videos, art, working out, skiing/snowboarding, dance, seafood, yoga and of course travel. We want to share our travel journeys with you and hopefully inspire those who don't know how they can work abroad, specifically in the film industry.

Our Story

Ty & Shay met back in 2000 when Ty was in need of a hair braider and was referred by a friend to Shay. Shay was in HS at the time and braided hair to earn money. Ty was in college and working part time. Shay was working on her college art portfolio when Ty mentioned he was studying art at Brooklyn College and helped her to get her portfolio prepped for interviews. They officially became a couple in 2002 while Shay was attending Syracuse University.

In their early 20s, they applied for their first passports and they decided they wanted to venture into the unknown. The couple studied abroad in Ghana and spent 4 life changing weeks in Africa. Having grown up in the poorest section of Brooklyn, they had no clue how people lived in developing countries far bigger than their hometown. Upon returning to the States after their study in Ghana, 2 weeks later, Shay departed off to London for another semester abroad, this time with her college, Syracuse University.

Fast forward to 2009, the couple got married and moved to Albuquerque NM, where Ty was employed as a Digital Lighting Artist for Sony Imageworks. The year prior, the couple were literally living out of a suitcase in Los Angeles, as freelance designers. In 2011, an opportunity became available at a film company in Adelaide, Australia. The couple had no idea their industry had work opportunities abroad! While living and working in Australia for 6 months they traveled to Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns & the Fijian Islands.

At present day, they currently live and work in Vancouver, BC. Shay is a full-time Department Coordinator at Double Negative and Ty is a full-time Senior Technical Director at Sony Imageworks.  When they aren't in the office, they are also Dance Fitness Instructors, Photographers & provide video production services for local businesses. They've traveled throughout the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Brazil, Ghana, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Spain, China and Iceland. They're bucket list destinations are Thailand, Japan, Morocco & Antarctica.

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