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Yaaas! Is it okay great y’all like that? We might be a few years late and a few dollars short but we finally have an account to track all of our travels during our 15 year relationship. Here’s the ‘tea’ about us. We were both born & raised in Brooklyn, NY and literally grew up 3 blocks away from each other but didn’t meet until 2000, because Brooklyn is mad dense. We fell in love on the dance floor at a night club (RIP Club Exit) back in 2002. Fast forward to present day, we are currently married and living in British Columbia working in the visual effects industry on some hella dope Hollywood blockbusters. This blog will track all of our travel together as a couple. We can’t wait to share a bazillion photos with you all! Let’s kick this photo series off with our trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, Si! Happy Trekking!

-Ty and Shay

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  1. hi sweet-hearts thanks for thr pics & info; I love, love, love it; u guys r so darned handsome; so happy u guys r taking in all this knowledge & getting paid, & having so much fun in the process; I this never-ending story; I take everthing personal, & say “just for me” teeheehee! all the pics & countries r absolutely marvelous; continue yo live ur life to the fullest; in all ur doing make sure God gets the glory out of it; thanks again for sharing God bless u terrific young people; we love u guys so, somuch goodnight!

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